The decision by Mark Davis not to move the Raiders to Las Vegas until 2020, when historically teams move overnight to avoid threats and having to play in front of disenfranchised or disgruntled fans, means Davis obviously is creating a window where a number of us can offer highly creative solutions to build him a multi-purpose stadium in or near Oakland.raider fan

Raider fans are the most loyal of fans, not fair-weather fans like with other California franchises, so retaining them is imperative. Many prosperous Silicon Valley engineers like me who can make them more profitable in the most prosperous area in the world, the San Francisco Bay Area, where they can retain their working man’s image that make them the most economically viable sports franchise in history. The movie star image in L.A. (by the way, I am originally from L.A.) did not work out, neither will the gambler’s image in Las Vegas. While Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in America up until 2008, many have left with a depressed economy and low per-capita income. Las Vegas would be better suited for an expansion team, as the NFL can easily justify 4 to 8 new teams. And because the Raiders and Rams eventually returned to their previous homes, a move to Las Vegas would only be temporary, as contracts are easily dismissed by judges, as proven by Al Davis in the 1980’s, and no tangible assets and unlikelihood of lawyers to pursue law suits because of overseas trust funds, means Yogi Berra’s “It ain’t over ’til it’s over” motto is mandatory policy for a team and fans who must educate themselves and do as well as possible.

The stadium in Las Vegas is too small, and will consist mostly of tourists from around the world not loyal enough to the Raiders. The stadium will not be loud enough to allow the Raiders to compete with the Chiefs when they are in their stadium.

mark davis 2
My proposal is to sell stock and of course offer corporate sponsorship to build a stadium, easily achievable in three years, and sell merchandise, collect donations, sell products, advertising, and online gaming and gambling. Stocks alone sold to about a million people averaging $1,000 each in stocks bought will easily pay for the stadium and parking lot for the Raiders, along with other events like concerts, monster truck rallies, and using the parking lot for car shows, boat shows, swap meets, etc. The wealthy California elite, often the faint-of-heart, who don’t want to be associated with a rebels’ team, can buy stock anonymously and prosper. I am proposing that the effort to raise money for the stadium here be a corporation that is an industrial democracy, where small investors are not cheated by CEO and board of directors as usually happens. Everyone who donates or buys a monthly membership here will be a director and vote, as small investors lose money 80% of the time, and institutions make money 80% of the time, because they are more likely to get away with insider trading or do “legal insider trading” by dumping stock and not reporting it until the next day. With Fourier analysis, you can study the inherit wave-like nature of stock prices, w-curves which means buy low and sell high, etc., and do other things to guarantee that the stadium for the Raiders is a big money maker.

I have a store here to sell 3D printers to print polymer-reinforced-with-carbon-nanotube helmets, light weight with high tensile strength. Laser ablation of crushed charcoal in oil under the right conditions will create a high CNT percentage, which I will verify with my SEM/EDXA skills. They will be mass produced, for all football, baseball, and hockey players worldwide, professional, college, K-12, as well as bicycle, motorcycle, and military helmet wearers. We can get them cheap and get patent and copyright protection., an outstanding way to raise stadium revenue and create more profit sharing. Remember, not everything requires a sacrifice, it is absurd to have rule changes when the NFL has been over-officiated for decades. You can better protect the head and neck at the same time, save lives, and have a fun and entertaining game with controlled aggression. The same polymers reinforced with carbon nanotubes can be used to make corridors, paneling, etc., with a giant 3D printer crane, telescopic, that expands up to 150 feet in height, small motor-driven base about 30 x 30 feet with tires, to construct a complex like Cowboy Stadium with 110,000 fans close to the field, with much cheaper local materials, far less human labor, and far cheaper than the $1.6 billion spent by Jerry Jones.

Field-of-Dreams-300x168For now, as a preliminary rule, Save Our Raiders is a weighted average industrial democracy, where 25% of profit/residual on donations goes to all those who contribute financially, where the percentage of the pool of what you spend (and this includes stocks) is the percentage your vote on any issue is multiplied by, 25% goes to advertisers, and 50% goes to the stadium/parking lot. Advertising includes that which goes to the e-mail pyramid setup for those of you who opt-in as e-mail subscribers and earn referral points for passing on information about this website. Then after construction of stadium and parking lot is complete, and tickets/concession sales are coming in, with a voting mechanism, I recommend 100% of profit go back to you all as investors. I personally am asking for:

20% of profit for under $1,000/month of gross,

16% for $1,000/month to $10,000/month,

12% for anything over $10,000/month and under $100,000/month,

and 8% for anything over $100,000/month,

but my percentage(s) can be voted on.

Opt-in and pass on this concept to all your social media followers and your e-mail contact list. Call the Raiders’ front office, Oakland mayor/city council, Alameda County board of supervisors, and kindly ask for publicity. Become a reseller for Oakland Raiders memorabilia and profit-share here, propose online software like gaming plugins, and worst case scenario, we will have a stadium for an expansion team, or potential return of the Raiders from Las Vegas, and other sports teams and events. This may include the UC Berkley Bears and a professional soccer team.

They say “Money always wins”, but there are five exceptions where many people with little money have significant competitive advantages:

1. Escrow pools – Escrow.com. Prepay accounting is also good
2. Non-membership, non-fee-based, robot sales pitch creation, acceptance and rejection of sales pitches, human-only purchase power, multi-level marketing with no risk. See PandaBusters.com
3. Hedge funds and mutual funds, with team-work oriented Fourier buy-low, sell-high analysis. See PhilsGang.com
4. Better technology where human toil becomes less important, and less exploitable
5. Minimize tax liability under exemptions and deductions in sovereign countries and International tax shelters that don’t change – the rich pay less in taxes, so will you as you become rich

James Dante Wood

Sole Proprietor, Save Our Raiders